A few years ago, wallpapers made a comeback. Sometimes more graphic, sometimes very colorful or sometimes discreet, they adapt to all decors and give character where they are placed. They are often used as an accent wall, then positioned only on a wall or part of a wall, thus making it possible to delimit or enhance a space. Some even use it as a headboard or to separate the dining area from the rest of the living room.

A new trend that stems from the use of wallpaper is large format printing. This technique is also used as an accent in a room and allows you to literally draw a fresco on the chosen support. The advantage of large format printing over wallpaper is that it is possible to reproduce an infinite variety of patterns or images, without repeating patterns like wallpapers. The print gives the perfect illusion that an artist has come to your home to draw!

Large format printing can be done on any medium: paper, wood, concrete, Plexiglas… Endless decorative possibilities are now available to us. It’s a more architectural way of looking at decor, adding texture, design or pattern. Still not widespread, large format printing is growing. We find it more and more in the decorations of our customers. The multitude of possible supports makes large format printing a companion of choice in various design projects, whether it is, among other things, an accent wall, a backsplash or a fireplace.

OUT in 2021 – Chimney hoods

Kitchen trends are certainly the fastest changing. In just a few years, lifestyle habits have turned classic designs upside down: new trends are born while others die. And chimney hoods are part of this last category!

Still widely used in some more traditional designs, chimney hoods are losing their appeal in more contemporary designs despite being very fashionable a few years ago. At that time, appliances, whether refrigerators, stoves or hoods, were highlighted in kitchens. Nowadays, all rooms, including the kitchen, are adopting the more minimalist trend. The appliances are therefore hidden behind the cabinet doors, as far as possible. This is the case of refrigerators and hoods, in particular. This camouflage helps keep the room looking clean, unified and easier on the eyes.

In addition, with the opening of the kitchens on the living room, the styles in the kitchen have changed enormously. It is necessary to purify the kitchens when they are visible from the living room. Otherwise, the risk is to give an impression of disorder.

According to ValĂ©rie de L’Etoile Interior Design

In this time of uncertainty, it’s no surprise that we’re looking for comfort, especially in indoor living spaces where we’re spending even more time than normal. For some time now, we have seen a return to basics and basic elements.

This trend is particularly evident in the choice of materials which, if not used raw, will be dyed to give the impression that they are natural pigments.

It is therefore the return of linen and cotton, sisal, (almost) bare wood, rattan and caning. Some materials such as natural stone and metals are treated very little to let time do its work and create a beautiful patina.

If we prefer certain less natural materials for their practicality and ease of maintenance, we make sure that they are as similar as possible to what they are trying to imitate!

In the same vein, materials that attempt to mimic a natural product but fail to do so are completely out of date. For example, it is better to avoid wallpapers that imitate brick or stone.

the same goes for colors that are too far from the original and that would not be found in nature, such as wooden floors in cold colors such as grey.

We refrain from using materials that look like plastic, especially in fabrics such as leatherettes or fake plants.

Basically, it is better to wait to have the means to install the product of your dreams rather than using a pale reproduction!

That’s it, it’s about time! Grey, concrete and stainless steel are now behind us. For a few years now, the transition to beige has begun by seeing the gray turn into greige; a step towards what will become the new neutral.

It is therefore this year that beige takes on its full potential and that it will be adopted as much for accessories, coloring or even textiles.

While beige is often integrated into tone-on-tone interior spaces, the key to the success of a soft decor imposed by this light shade will be to create a gradient giving way to varied textures and intensities. All of a sudden, the warmth of beige is reflected and creates rich and enveloping decors loved by everyone, whether you are more boho or contemporary.

Moreover, several naturally beige materials are popular at the moment. For example, gather linen draperies, one with a few pampas grasses, a wool rug, terracotta tiles and canework furniture in your decor and you will be right on target.

Totally adored for its rich and velvety effect, beige will also be the best ally of basic accents such as white or black. Once these two neutral colors are brought together, the contrast created will make the beige shine while balancing it.

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