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In this blog post, I will talk about the choice of a toilet (WC in France) based on my own experience, which until today was a real fiasco. I have never been satisfied with the 2 toilets bought at a low price in a renovation center. This time, thanks to the partnership with Espace Plomberie Qu├ębec , a boutique specializing in plumbing and bathroom items in Quebec, I am looking for the best budget toilet. By economical, I mean affordable but also less water-consuming. Indeed, the toilet is one of the good investments to make in your home . So how do you choose the best toilet?

Company reputation

If you choose a company that is reputable for manufacturing toilets, you can easily replace parts with their customer service. A certified sanitary appliance (CSA) also guarantees the reputation of the manufacturer.

Like faucets, toilets are items used daily in your home and it is better to choose a quality product. I redecorated my bathroom with new ceramic floors, a black wall, a poster of Opposite Wall (offered). See the front piece here

Choosing the type of model

Of these three models, the wall-mounted toilet is much more expensive than the others because it must be fixed with a support to the wall and the tank is inserted behind in a partition. That’s why we see little in Quebec, except in complete bathroom renovations or new homes.

If the wall-mounted toilet and the one-piece toilet are visually prettier and easier to clean, the favorite of repairers, that is to say plumbers, is the two-piece toilet. Indeed, it is much easier to change a component if necessary.

The power of flushing / water saving

The standard toilets of old used about 13.2 liters of water per flush. Environmental madness! The new toilets do the same job with 4.8 litres.

6L/3L dual flush models have lost their purpose due to improved toilet performance. Manufacturers have increased the diameter of the opening between the tank and the bowl, as well as that of the siphon at the base of the bowl. Result, a more powerful water flow evacuates and cleans much better.

For example, at home I chose a model from the American Standard Studio collection at Espace Plomberie Duo. Thanks to its 2 3/8 in. siphon, the widest in the industry, and its 4 in. flush valve, there is no need for a plunger or to call the plumber to unblock a clogged toilet.

To make a good choice: look for WaterSense certified toilets because they use at least 20% less water than traditional models. The MaP program, or Maximum Performance Testing Program , also tests the maximum performance level of toilets. Good toilets should flush over 350g per flush.

Porcelain quality

Finally, what makes a good toilet is the thickness of the lacquer on the porcelain that covers the bowl. It allows waste to flow away without resistance. Over time, poor quality toilets will have a worn enamel and hard-to-clean deposits.

Shape, height: aesthetic and space preferences

As for the elongated or round shape of the toilet seat, the height of the toilet, these are aesthetic details that do not affect performance. It’s up to you to choose them according to your preferences and your space.

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