characteristics of a guest room

To know whatcolor choose for your guest room, you must first know its characteristics. A guest room must therefore be comfortable, warm and practical.

A bedroom above all comfortable

The first quality that a guest bedroom must have is a good balance between comfort and practicality. Indeed, it is essential that your guests feel good there.

For example, for the bed and the rest of the bedding, turn to sure values, but not too expensive. It is above all thecomfort that mattersand not the decoration itself.

Generally, your guests will sleep in your guest room after a party or for a weekend. They will not necessarily have time to rave about theroom layout. Hence the interest of going to the simplest.

A warm and succinctly furnished place

Even with few means and simplicity, it is possible tocreate a warm atmospherefor your guests. For this, it may be interesting to furnish your guest room with furniture.

Do not overload the room, but an armchair with cushions, a large mirror, a cupboard, a chest of drawers, shelves with books, and why not a pretty headboard , will bring character and an original identity to the room; but without overdoing it.

For an even warmer welcome, also rely on authentic materials (wood, linen, wool) and don’t hesitate tobring your personal touch: bouquet of flowers and small attentions will be welcome.

A room that can be used for something else

Finally, a guest room is also a room that can be used for other purposes. In this case, we then speak of aversatile guest bedroom. Generally, this type of room converts into an office when your guests return home.

A screen can be useful to delimit the space, as well as a carpet. But it is above all the choice of color of the 2 spaces that will make it possible to separate your office from the guest room.

4 criteria for choosing the color of your guest room

Do you want to revamp your guest room? We present to you 4 criteria that will allow you tochoose the color of the bedroom wallbest suited to your needs.

The style of the room (modern, contemporary, vintage…)

As with any living room within a house or apartment, the style you want to create will greatly influence the choice of colors for your walls.

For example, if you wantcreate a zen and natural atmospherefor your guest room, green should predominate. You can combine it with other colors, but it should be the main shade.

For acozy and classic style, white and its shades (cream, light pink, etc.) always look great in a guest room. Do not hesitate to decorate everything, especially the bedding, with bed linen in similar colors.

If you want amodern guest bedroom, it is on the gray that you must bet. Timeless, it goes well with all the other colors and does not require too much furniture to “dress” a room. On the contrary, it corresponds perfectly to arefined decor, simple and functional. For a guest bedroom with an office, this is the perfect choice.

The brightness of the room

Thenatural lightwill also influence the choice of colors for the paint or the wall covering of your guest room. Indeed, some colors attract light while others tend to darken.

If you have a bright guest bedroom, concentrate your efforts on thelight colours. Avoid white which easily gives a clinical and medical effect to a room that is too bright.

friend bedroom color

On the other hand, nothing prevents you from turning to its nuances. Thepastel shades(ivory, pale blue, powder pink…), the satin effects for the materials are perfectly suited for a bright bedroom .

But if you have little natural light. If your guest bedroom is in the attic, for example, it is better to bet on warm colors such as peach or southern coral shades.

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