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The 2020 trend kitchen will be marked by audacity, taste and throwback. We will dare to wear vintage, we will dare to use old colors and contrasting colors. The modern becomes a secondary accessory to the new 2020 trends. We will no longer see the glossy and super simple modern that we found a few years ago. In 2020, we will see more farmhouse, Scandinavian, contrasts between warm and cold colors, repetitive textures. A kind of throwback to the 60s if we can put it that way! We will combine “new and old” to form a warm and welcoming whole.

In this article, you will discover ideas for your 2020 kitchen trends. Inspiring ideas as well as texture and color suggestions to help you make more informed choices for your kitchen.

In decoration, I have two visions for color; the FIXED elements and the VARIABLE elements . So if we apply color and funkier textures on the fixed elements , we must be more neutral/natural on the variable elements . And vice-versa… If we are more neutral/natural on the fixed elements , we can afford to be a lot more “funky” on the variable elements . You follow me?

Small parenthesis if I can afford it… Here is the color palette found in my own house. Earth, natural and neutral colors are must-haves for my lover and me. My two favorite colors right now: Terracota and Olive . My whole house revolves around these two colors

The modern farmhouse kitchen, or “modern farmhouse” as we know them on Pinterest, is undoubtedly the one that is all the rage in Quebec in 2020. Anything that evokes the slightly more “country” way of life in a more urban form is definitely trendy. We will bet a lot on the color accents that are repeated here and there, the decorative plants, the very minimal objects but which we qualify as “country” style.

Another of the elements that can be noticed in modern farmhouse style kitchens are the famous shelves. When you are lucky enough to have a pantry, you can afford to reduce the number of cabinets to make beautiful shelves (often wood) and put pleeeeeeeiiiinn recipe books, candles, glasses, bowls , plants, name-it!

Farmhouse-style kitchen

In the farmhouse, there are many patterns, repetitions, industrial elements. A farmhouse kitchen will be bulkier than a modern farmhouse style kitchen. There will be more DIY, colors, vintage decorations and ornaments. In other words, in a farmhouse kitchen, there will be more little finds than you have made: at the corner thrift store, at the antique shop you always refer to on the edge of the 20, in the -soil of your parents/grandparents.

We recognize the rustic side of the materials and colors, but we easily recognize the modern side by the simple, clean and contrasting look of the finish choices. The link between modern and country is relatively like modern farmhouse style kitchens, but we still feel a little more country side by the colors and textures.

You may notice that the (range) hoods in country and modern kitchens play a huge role in the style and ambiance of this main, unifying room.

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