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Professional software is often intended for transaction management or communication around your real estate. However, rental management is an integral part of your job and the related tasks take time. H2i’s Aramis software   brings it all together in one package. You can :

In short, this software for real estate agents allows complete and versatile management in all areas of your professional activity.

Rental leases, inventory of fixtures, rent receipts start from the same base which must then be adapted to each tenant or client. Thus, working with software that offers pre-filled templates seems to us quite interesting to save time. Otherwise, software providing a digital library will help you better organize yourself to easily find your models.

Johanna , the rental management software published by Krier offers simple functionalities to facilitate the daily management of your documents thanks to electronic archiving. Also, you can do bulk mailings, your management accounting, send SMS alerts, etc.

The advantage here is as follows: Joanna is part of a suite of real estate software to manage all aspects of your business: transactions, trustee, assets, inventory…

This is also the case with  ThetraWin  from Seiitra, which offers the possibility of detailing all the elements invoiced for each lease (rent excluding tax, VAT, provision, etc.). Thus, it is possible to associate each element with a start date and an end date, a revision index, a frequency, a calculation method (package, %). Finally, ThetraWin makes it possible to manage variable rents, deductibles, levels as well as the history of all invoicing.

Management of inventory

And speaking of the inventory, here is another essential function: the management of the procedures for entering and leaving the rental. For this, there are dozens of solutions available from software publishers such as Krier, Seiitra or Gercop, but also more ergonomic applications such as Check & Visit. Thanks to solutions such as the Check & Visit mobile application, the management of your inventory is greatly simplified:

So many features that allow you to modernize, simplify and streamline the procedures related to the inventory at the start and end of the rental contract.

Note that these solutions may or may not synchronize directly with your management software.

Furniture inventory

If you offer furnished rentals, the inventory of furniture will be very useful to you. Generally associated with the inventory, the inventory of furniture is a central element for seasonal rentals. It is therefore very important to integrate it into your property management. Fortunately, these functionalities are found in many inventory solutions and management software such as  Check & Visit .

Seasonal rental management

Here’s another solution for seasonal real estate professionals:  Booking Sync . This software allows both to create a website and to manage all your rentals on booking platforms. In other words, you can manage all your real estate from a single place, the interface of your software.

Then, of course, you can manage the relationship with customers and tenants, transactions, etc. From the management of secure payments to the sending of customizable e-mails, all the stages of the management of seasonal rentals are provided by this very complete software.

Other players such as  Tatou ,  Smoobu  or  Smartbnb  also allow the management and distribution of its properties for seasonal rental.

To closely monitor your financial activities, the  X14  solution offered by Gercop seems very valuable to us. Indeed, this property management software allows you to closely monitor the performance of your activities as well as the proposals you can make in the context of the purchase/sale of property.

Here are some very useful features in managing your finances:

Other solutions like  Wipimo ,  Crypto  or  Powimo  provide access to similar functionalities.

Electronic Document Manager

Software such as  Crypto  will make it easier for you to edit the various documents related to your mandates, for the management of assets and contacts with customers. Indeed, the tool is equipped with a library of customizable documents and many automations simplifying the daily task of the manager. A good basis for saving time without skimping on the quality of exchanges with your customers and service providers.


In the daily management of your professional activity, several aspects must be taken into consideration: the management of rental properties and their day-to-day management, the management of customers and tenants, administrative, commercial and financial management. Thanks to this comparison of professional rental management software, you now know the essential features to be efficient on a daily basis. In order to save time in all your procedures and thus devote yourself to your core business, choose a versatile software, adapted to your needs as a professional manager of many real estate properties. However, pay attention to the price of each of these solutions,

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