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Although the purpose of my blog is to give you good decorating ideas and cheap renovations, that does not mean that you have to try to get everything at a low price. On the contrary, it would be a serious mistake! In fact, it ‘s important to invest in quality to make things last a long time . And, as a general rule (but not always) quality comes at a premium. Consider, however, that the object or piece of furniture make in your home that you will not have to replace every year will necessarily cost you less in the end than the one that will break quickly. “More expensive is less expensive!” »

Invest in objects used several times a day

The faucets are my priority. I know something about it because I had the misfortune to buy as a new owner all my plumbing in the cheap ranges of the renovation centers. 10 years later, I have changed EVERYTHING. So I paid for everything twice. In my bathroom, I did not repeat this mistake and bought a thermostatic mixer tapwith a chrome finish. Find out more about the various models available on the market and turn to manufacturers who guarantee their faucets for life, cartridge as well as finished. For example, a very good saving tip was given to me by Isabelle Levac, the owner of Espace Plomberie Duo. I bought a shower set for the outdoors (while it is absolutely perfect for the indoors too). It is less expensive, at $268 (the model on the right in the photo) and manufactured by the best Quebec company on the market, Riobel, which guarantees its faucets for life.

As a general rule, buying your plumbing (and bathroom hardware like shower doors) from a reputable company that has good customer service and long warranties will save you a lot of money and hassle.

The toilet is another item worth investing in. In fact, a high-efficiency toilet saves more water than other toilets. It is important to check that it has a flush that works well with no more than 4.8 L of water and that it offers good flushing power. The quality of the porcelain also means that your toilet will also last longer. I had bought a cheap one at a renovation center and it ended up being porous and dirty all the time. I have now found the perfect model. Review how to choose a good toilet .

Cookware, pots and pans are also part of the essential big expenses. A good skillet can cost $100 or more. Buy them as you go so they last you years instead of replacing them every 3 years.

The sofa is the piece of furniture in the living room that should be your biggest investment. Choose a quality fabric or leather, if possible a classic style and neutral colors that will last you for years and adapt to your changing tastes. Don’t make the mistake I made of buying a white suede couch when I have 2 boys who jump on it all day with their dirty hands. I still found a recipe to detach sofa that I show you here.

Invest in objects or furniture that could affect our health

In addition to the objects and furniture that we often handle, it is essential to invest in those that have a direct impact on our health.

The mattress  is obviously at the top of the list, considering that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. So before thinking about decorating your bedroom, invest in a good mattress. Whether spring, foam or latex, you will benefit from trying several and learning about its components. At home I opted for a latex mattress and it was day and night with my previous spring mattress.

The office chair is often not very “glamorous” as a decorative element, yet it is an essential investment…for your back! In Quebec, you will find at Ugoburo or at Bluecony chairs that are certainly expensive, but ergonomic. At home, I finally opted for a Swedish seat and I tell you that it saved my life! (psst…I bought it second hand on Kijiji, and you can see it here in my office, which doesn’t look like Pinterest in real life )

Look for quality in simple design

So that quality does not rhyme with exorbitant prices, it is sometimes enough to turn to models with a simpler design. It applies to just about everything. The more options, original colors and special finishes a piece of furniture or object has, the more you will pay for it. A simple model will allow you to get quality at a good price.

Invest in things you might want to pass on

If you are certain that this piece could still be in the house or in the family in 50 years, then it is worth spending more money to acquire it. It’s a theory that I made up a bit but which I find works well when the time comes to ask the question: should I spend the money to buy it or not?

Prioritize investing in the structural elements of your home

This could have been my number one point as it is so important, except that not everyone is lucky enough to own a home. If you are a happy owner, here are the places where you should put your money in priority…. before even thinking about decorating! You should never skimp on work related to:

Neglecting to maintain these elements could have repercussions with unfortunate financial consequences (water damage, air leaks, etc.) and harm the value of your property!

At home, we had the brick of the entire facade rejoined in order to preserve the deterioration of the exterior facing. The front door was also changed several years ago. Big expenses!

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